CrisPam Help Page Getting started

Using CrisPam is very simple and intuitive!
You just have to enter the DNA sequence of the point mutation you wish to target.
There are four possible input methods:

  1. Manually type in the DNA sequence.
  2. crispam manually
  3. rsID: If you are targeting a human SNV, you can just enter the rsID (e.g. rs63750526) and select the correct variation.

  4. crispam manually
  5. Genomic coordinates: DNA sequences can be fetched according to genomic coordinates of 56 genomes.

  6. crispam manually
  7. Batch file: Download the template file and enter multiple sequences. Upload the file and the results file will be downloaded to your computer.
CrisPam attempts to detect any of the defined PAMs as SNP-derived PAMs. However, on the advanced settings option, you may add a customized Cas with a unique PAM sequence. Once you click the Submit button, your results will immediately appear at the Results section.

For insertion variations type “-“ in the reference nucleotide field.
For deletion variations type “-“ in the variant nucleotide field.

Reading the results output
Each gray row represents a candidate Cas enzyme that can target the given point mutation. The variant nucleotide is in bold text and the PAM is in blue. You may click on the gray row to close and re-open the detailed results. For other questions / suggestions, please contact